Our gift ideas for gardening and plant lovers

Nos idées cadeaux pour les amoureux des plantes

We all have in our entourage an apprentice permaculturist or a lover of green plants. And yet, it is not always easy to find THE original gift that will surprise them.

Spread the word, growing your plants has become a way of life! No more hoes whose handle breaks in 6 months or plastic pots. The trend is elegant, green chic, and ecological. On social networks, plant lovers redouble their imagination to stage their collection of rare plants. The plant world settles in our interior decoration, on our balconies or in our micro vegetable gardens.

So whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, or just to please for no particular reason, we have selected useful, decorative and ethical gift ideas for you that will delight your loved ones. And don't panic, there will be something for every budget.

1. Offer an Olla to plant

The ollas to plant are pretty little microporous ceramic jars. By spreading the water gradually, they simplify the watering of plants and give autonomy to their happy owners!

They have an undeniable ecological interest by allowing water savings of up to 70%!

Ideal for contemporary and committed gardeners, and urbanites who don't have time to devote to their plants. They are a good way to reconcile utility, ecology and interior decoration!

2. Liquid fertilizer in a glass vial for a zero waste approach

All plants need a little boost from time to time. Unfortunately, most fertilizers found on the market are often packaged in very unattractive plastic bottles...

The range of liquid houseplant fertilizers are made from seaweed, shell recycles and plant extracts. They are packaged in glass vials that will find a place of choice on your shelves, and in addition they are refillable!

3. A designer watering can

No more plastic watering cans or round trips to the tap with the glass of breakfast! The watering can for houseplants is an essential accessory for a gardener's daily life, so the deuce is a bit crazy. Worked design, quality materials, trendy colors, the watering can can become a decorative object in its own right, so why deprive yourself of it?

Especially since a beautiful watering can will help transform the chore of watering into a little meditative pleasure to take care of your beloved plants.